UK Government Report Approves Open Source

BBC: UK Report Says Linux is ‘Viable’

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“UK government departments moved a step closer to using
open-source operating systems such as Linux after a study found
that they were ‘viable’ products.

“The software could ‘generate significant savings,’ according to
the Office of Government Commerce (OGC)…”


The Guardian: A Cool Embrace

“The government is set to clear the way for the use of open
source software on hundreds of thousands of government
desktops–but plans to keep the door open to Microsoft, too. The
announcement, the first significant shift in policy on open source
for more than two years, is likely to follow the publication of
results from trials showing that ‘free’ software works and saves

“However, the new policy is unlikely to quell critics of the
close relationship between Microsoft and the British government,
its largest customer outside the US. Microsoft, meanwhile, will
continue to argue that its software works out cheaper than ‘free’
programs when measured by total cost of ownership…”

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