Upside: Linuxcare aims for redemption

Reflecting on his own recent promotion to chief executive
officer, a position he first held back in the early days when
Linuxcare was only a three-person operation, Tyde says the past two
years have taught him much about the subtle difference between
being a leader and being comfortable with being the

“The Arthur Tyde of two years ago is so much different from the
way I am today,” he says. “You could not ask for a more valuable
learning experience.”

“Two years ago, when Tyde and a few other members of the Bay
Area Linux Users Group decided to form a company focusing entirely
on Linux service issues, playing the leader wasn’t that hard. Like
Henry V excoriating his “merry band of brothers” to charge once
more into the corporate breach, Tyde was merely a first among
equals, the guy with good communication skills in a community where
such skills are a rarity.”


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