VARBusiness: Linux IPO Workshop — Part 2 – The Roadshow and Options

“When you finish this article you will have learned: the
importance of the ‘road show’ in preparing for an IPO; pending
changes in the regulations on road shows; questions to ask to
protect your options.”

“You’ve decided to take your company public and have completed
the pre-IPO steps we outlined in Part 1 of this workshop. Now
timing becomes key.”

“You’ve reached the selling point and are now in what is known
as the ‘pre-IPO’ period. This is the time when you’ll want to do
what has been called the ‘Road Show’ or a series of
appointments in which you make presentations about your company to
interested investors and analysts.
Often, commitments to buy
shares of stock result from the quality of the ‘Road Show’.”

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