VMware Buying Novell? Why Add More Blah?

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“The Wall Street Journal is reporting rumors that
VMware may buy Novell’s SUSE Linux OS business, though Attachmate
is competing for the rest of the company’s assets.

“VMware and Novell have agreed on everything but price,
according to the WSJ, which cites unnamed analysts as saying the
tools built to help Linux administrators manage virtualized OSes
will strengthen VMware’s own VM management apps.

“Gartner analyst Chris Wolf likes the idea for the strength of
Novell’s SUSE as much as any other reason.

“VMware had already agreed to include SUSE with the vSphere
hypervisor, and announced plans to make SUSE the base OS VMware
Studio virtual-appliance development kit. Virtual appliances are
preconfigured applications that can be installed on a hypervisor to
run as virtual machines with a minimum of time or effort from the
customer. VMware had relied on an ultra-light OS called the Just
Enough OS.”

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