Wall Street Transcript: Kenton Chow – Cobalt Networks Inc (COBT) CEO Interview

“Mr. Chow: Cobalt Networks was incorporated in 1996 and really
started operating in 1997. We shipped our first product in 1998,
early part of March 1998 to be specific. The company is focused on
delivering a new class of infrastructure for the delivery of
network-based applications. We believe that network-based
applications, through a hosted environment, is going to be the next
wave of the future. Cobalt recently went public in November 1999 as
one of the largest percentage gain IPOs in history. We are a
globally focused company with approximately 150 employees various

“… We focus on very rapid development cycles, measured in
numbers of months, not numbers of years. I think the new Internet
economy has accelerated development cycles. As a result, we
continue to invest very aggressively in technology development
related to all facets of our products, particularly software
technology. As an emerging company with a very rapid growing
revenue base, we plan on continuing to invest in development

“… All of our products are Linux-based. Linux is currently the
dominant open source operating system platform because of its
reliability for Internet- oriented applications. We have been
developing Linux systems since 1997, long before the current wave
of interest in Linux. However, our commitment is to focus on open