What’s more economical than a web-based desktop?

[ Thanks to Ken Hess
for this link. ]

“You’ll still incur every cost associated with desktop computing
plus the cost of the virtual desktop infrastructure to host the
virtual desktops.

“You can handle the VDI transition in a less expensive way by
engaging a VDI provider and using their service. There are a few of
them out there now ready to serve you. For a few dollars per month,
you can sign up for a virtual desktop. And, it will be your highly
regarded full-blown, fat desktop operating system–probably
Windows, if I were to guess. But, even if you use Linux, you’re
still looking at a fat desktop environment with all of the same
shortcomings as your current one. It might be virtual but that’s
the only difference.

“You’ll still need to manage any software that the provider
doesn’t give you. Who manages the patching? Does their patch
schedule meet your SLAs to your customers? What about anti-virus
software? And, what is the turn-around time for fixes on those
leased desktops from the provider?

“Sure, those things can be resolved but what you have to realize
is that managing desktops, virtual or physical, and everything that
goes with them is difficult and expensive.”

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