Why your computer needs a firewall enabled

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“Central to this discussion is a fundamental understanding of
the role a firewall plays in the overall security posture of a
computer or computer system. In simple terms, a firewall protects a
computer from network attacks. And there are host-based and network
firewalls. A host-based firewall is the one running on and
protecting a single device. That would be the one running on your
personal computer, whether it be running a Linux, BSD or any other
operating system.

“On the other hand, a network firewall is the one running on a
device on the edge or perimeter of a network. That device could be
a router, switch or VPN device. Your cable, DSL or Fiber Optics
router falls in this category. The mistake that most people make is
in thinking that if they have a firewall on the edge device, then
none is needed on the personal computer sitting behind it. Very bad

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