Wired: Gates Adopts Siege Mentality

“Bill Gates is circling the wagons in the wake of last
week’s crushing antitrust decision against Microsoft… According
to the [New York] Post story, Gates will resist any settlement with
the Feds, gambling on a Bush victory that would usher in a more
pro-business Justice Department.

As part of that strategy, the Post story said,
Microsoft is expected to commit itself to a lengthy appeals process
that it would presumably drop when friendlier faces appeared at the
Justice Department.”

“Although Microsoft attorneys will probably attend a hearing
with Jackson next week, they are already leaning toward spurning
any deal in favor of launching an appeal of the decision.

Although the Post quoted Senator Slade Gordon
(R-Washington) as saying there is little risk involved in appealing
Jackson’s decision, legal experts disagreed. Not only will it be
difficult to overturn Jackson’s findings of fact, they say, but
Microsoft could face ‘hundreds’ of lawsuits from other technology
companies if it doesn’t settle things quickly.”