www.hinterlands.org: BT’s ADSL Farce

[ Thanks to Martin
for this link. ]

The connection at your end of the ADSL link, in this
package, is a USB connector and not an Ethernet connector.
Wonderful if you run Windows, next to useless if, like me, you use
Linux as your gateway machine to the Internet. USB support for
Linux is there and it is improving all the time, however, I’ve not
yet heard of anyone successfully using ADSL with it. Please mail me
if I’m wrong.

“I called Demon and told them my predicament. I want ADSL but I
don’t want to connect Windows to it – what should I do? “Ask BT”,
they said, so I did.”

“BT were, as ever, somewhat unhelpful. The chap on the end of
the ADSL sales line didn’t seem to appreciate that someone might
possibly want to connect anything other than a Windows machine to
their service. After being put on hold three of four times, the
salesman eventually came to the conclusion that I need a business
tariff – one that provided me with an Ethernet port to plug into
rather than a USB port.”

“Now, having previously looked at Demon’s price list, I knew
that the most basic ‘business’ tariff costs a whopping £175
per month with an installation charge of £250, excluding VAT
of course. This would nearly treble my quaterly bill. Even
considering the better contention ratio, that’s still an awful lot
of money. Not good.”