Yahoo!: Special Report on Open Source

The Open-Source PC

“Open-source software is booming; SourceForge.net lists more
than 104,000 active projects on its Web site alone. With all the
selection, why bother with commercial software at all? You might
miss out on the latest popular titles, but there are plenty of
open-source applications that can handle most computing

“Don’t worry if you’re not ready to switch to an open-source
operating system before dabbling in the software; though the
process may be easier than you think…”

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Open Source for All

“In computing’s early days, programmers would share their work
between one another in the spirit of creativity and innovation,
passing source codes among colleagues for new perspectives on tough
programming challenges.

“Then technology became big business, and the practice was
pushed into the underground, as companies looking to protect their
products replaced the ideals of the age with secrecy,
non-disclosure agreements, and intellectual property

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Is Open Source for You?

“Millions of people are turning to free and open-source software
for personal productivity and play. But is it the right move for
you? There are many advantages to taking the open road, as well as
a few danger signs to be aware of first.

“Don’t ignore a good deal. Not only is the software free, there
are no licensing fees to pay, making open source particularly
attractive to cost-conscious businesses…”

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