ZDNet: Sun’s Schwartz Living a Linux Nightmare

“Judging by his latest blog entry, Sun COO and president
Jonathan Schwartz has something new to keep him up at night–the
growing perception that Solaris x86 is anti-Linux–anti-GNU/Linux,
to be specific. Using some examples (including a recent News.com
story), Schwartz fingers the press for fueling the alleged

“However, Schwartz can share the blame. Even though the content
of an older rant suggests otherwise, it’s easy for someone to get
the wrong idea from the blog’s headline–‘Competing Against a
Social Movement.’ Though he subtly slips it in, Schwartz’s choice
of renderings (the Richard Stallman/Free Software
Foundation-preferred ‘GNU/Linux” vs. just “Linux’) is the lynchpin
to his point: a perception of Solaris x86 as enemy to Red Hat is
OK, but a perception of it as enemy to the Linux community is


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