4MLinux 13.1 Distro Enters Beta Stage with LibreOffice 5.0, Firefox 38, and Chrome 43

4MLinux 13.1 Beta comes with lots of updated applications, such as the current development version of the forthcoming LibreOffice 5.0 office suite, Mozilla Firefox 38.0.5 web browser, Google Chrome 43.0.2357.130, aTunes 3.1.2, Qmmp 0.8.5, MPlayer SVN-r37401, SMPlayer SVN-r6967, Mesa 10.5.7, and X.Org Server 10.5.7. Powered by Linux kernel 3.18.14 LTS, 4MLinux 13.1 Beta includes all sorts of software packages for setting up a fully functional LAMP server.