4MParted 19.0 Distrolette Now In Beta, Based on 4MLinux 19.0 and GParted 0.26.1

This is the first and only Beta (a.k.a. development build) of 4MParted 19.0, and it looks like it’s completely based on the 4MLinux 19.0 operating system, which is also in heavy development these days with a public Beta version out the door a few weeks back. Now testers can also get their hands on the 4MParted 19.0 Beta Live CD. According to Mr. Konojacki, 4MParted 19.0 will go stable in about two or three weeks from today’s announcement. Again, please note that this is not an actual operating system you can install and use on your PC, but a Live ISO image that you can boot on any PC, no matter the OS installed, to partition almost any type of file system known.