8 Essential WordPress Plugins Your Website Must Have

WordPress, what a CMS right? So many available plugins, themes, and tutorials. More than 27% of world websites are powered by a WordPress CMS. A staggering statistic which kinda indicates the level of functionality and flexibility it offers to webmasters. A complete website solution with an easy-to-use aura surrounding it.

Chances are that while you are reading this another WordPress website has been launched into the vast ocean of information we call the Internet. Hell, you’ve probably reached this article by researching about WordPress after hearing that Joe from high school is making tons of money with his WordPress sites.

WordPress is that present, yes.

So what can you as a potential or existing WordPress webmaster can do about your website? Well, improve it of course. Optimize it so it loads faster for your end users. No one wants to wait for even 3 seconds for a website to load. Make it user-friendly, SEO friendly.

Plugins for WordPress can be crucial in achieving the heaven that is a perfectly-optimized-website. Of course, the server must be optimized, but plugins can help a lot in minimizing images, caching data etc???

So in this article, we will cover the top 8 must have free plugins for a WordPress site.