After a Successful First Round, GNOME Project Announces new Outreach Program for Women Interns

“Thanks to generous sponsors, Collabora, Google, Mozilla and the
GNOME Foundation, GNOME was able to accept eight strong candidates
for the new round. These eight women from North America, South
America, Europe, Africa and Asia will be working on GNOME
documentation, accessibility, art and localization from May 23 to
August 22, 2011.

“In addition to the eight Outreach Program for Women
participants, the GNOME Project accepted seven female participants
for Google Summer of Code, out of a total of 27 participants. This
is an unprecedented number of female participants in Google Summer
of Code for GNOME. In fact, the women’s outreach effort in GNOME
was originally motivated by the lack of female applicants for
Google Summer of Code. Scheduling the two internship programs to
run in parallel allowed GNOME to encourage women who qualified for
Google Summer of Code to apply for it as well. All women who
applied for Google Summer of Code in 2011 found mentors and project
ideas, made a first contribution, and navigated the application
process with the help of the resources available through the
Outreach Program for Women.”

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