Announcing Wildland Client v0.1

Golem Foundation has just released Wildland client 0.1 https://wildland.io/2021/06/11/introducing-client-v0.1.html

The client is part of a larger ecosystem of open source protocols and software with the aim of freeing users from dependency on online service providers. The team behind it includes people known for their work on Qubes OS and the Golem network.

Joanna Rutkowska’s announcement post highlights the following features:
– an infrastructure-independent addressing system that allows for easy data migration between different storage options,
– built-in multi-categorization of data
– support for the most popular storage backends like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3.

There’s also an encryption backend that encrypts data on your computer and stores it in encrypted form wherever it has been instructed to.

The client is distributed under the GNU GPL v.3 license and is available at https://gitlab.com/wildland/wildland-client

Additional resources like e.g. a practical introduction and quick start guide are linked at https://wildland.io/download

We?d be really chuffed if you gave Wildland a try and shared your experience with your readers. If you?re not interested or can?t fit it in, that?s completely understandable too.

Thank you for reading this much.

All the best,

Wlodek Gogloza
[email protected]