Armbian 20.08 Released with Initial Support for Rock Pi E, Odroid N2+ and Helios64 Support

The biggest changes in Armbian 20.08 are around hardware support. This release comes with initial support for the Rockchip RK3328-based Rock Pi E 64-bit single-board computer and the Oppo Neo 3 smartphone, support for the Odroid N2+ SBC, support for the Helios64 open source Linux NAS (Network Attached Storage), as well as support for Rockchip RK322X SoCs. Apart from the newly supported hardware, Armbian 20.08 also improves support for several popular SBCs, including Bananapi R2, which should now boot properly, NanoPi M4V2, which should now offer proper Wi-Fi support, and ODROID XU4, which received a much-needed speed boost, as well as updated kernels and boot.ini.