Asking the government to switch all their computers over to Linux

Will you guys at Linux Today sign, forward, and share this petition with the Linux community?


(Both links go to the same petition, but the “wh.gov” is the short link for the White House petitions.)

The purpose of it is to ask the government to switch all of their computers over to Linux.

If you walk in to a federal building and look at their monitors, they’re often running Windows 7. And I just got out of the military a few years ago, where some bases used either Windows XP or Windows 7.

Undoubtedly, Linux for the end-user has become just as easy (or sometimes, easier) to use than using Windows.

Government employees will use Linux at work, and when they get used to it, they’ll use it at home, too. This will extend Linux to their friends and families. Also, more people will start asking questions about why the government switched, which would lead more people to make the switch. Not everyone, of course, but a lot.

I hope that you guys will endorse this. Thanks.