Best companies selling Linux powered laptops and PCs

So you use Linux and want a Linux powered laptop or a PC. Or maybe you just want to upgrade your old system with a new one, if that is the case then this is the post you must keep reading. In this guide, you will get to know about the best companies selling Linux powered laptops and PCs.

As Linux folks we all are very up-to-date with ???Prodyogiki Ki Duniya??? (Technology World), that is why I am presenting to you the popular 5 companies that build and sell Linux powered customized systems both Laptops & PCs. These companies are best at what they do and always offer the latest hardware. Yes! you heard it right, always upgraded to the latest generation of CPU, GPU, latest extensible storage & memory options.

As you can understand that they are very must user-centric and not like big companies that are stock selling centric. Here is the list that I am trying to pitch for the last minute.