Book release: The Artists’ Guide to the GIMP

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The Artists' Guide to the GIMP is a tutorial and guide to the popular GNU
Image Manipulation Program (GIMP).

The GIMP is a tool for manipulating graphics images that borrows its look
and feel from the popular Macintosh and Microsoft Windows program
Photoshop. It is used for all varieties of image processing, photo
retouching and image composition. The GIMP offers such advanced features
as layered editing, a gradient editor, channel operations and alpha
blending. All of this is provided through an easy-to-use interface to
users of a variety of UNIX-based platforms.

The Artists' Guide to the GIMP covers all the basics a new user needs
to get started, from detailed descriptions of all Toolbox features to
using selections to a complete explanation of Layers and Channels.
Chapters on color functions and drawing and painting methods show how to
make the most of this wonderful alternative to similar applications for
other platforms. Several examples of plug-ins--shown with high-resolution,
four-color glossy prints--serve as tutorials and inspiration to any
reader. Add to these the extensive discussions on printing and scanning,
and the result is a text that should be an integral part of any
Linux-based graphic artist's tool chest.

The CD-ROM includes all of the tools needed to get started with the GIMP.
Additionally, all of the images from the text can be found on the CD, as
well as tutorials, general graphics documentaion, links to important
sites, and much more.

Publisher: SSC, Inc. (www.ssc.com)
Author: Michael J. Hammel
ISBN: 1-57831-011-3
332 Pages, FULL COLOR + CD ROM
Retail Price $39.95
Publication Date: December 15, 1998

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The Artists' Guide to the GIMP