BW: Huge and Rare Portfolio of Linux Domain Names on Sale Today

“An exceptional portfolio of over 150 Linux domain names will be
auctioned off beginning today, including names that will identify
Linux leaders in the coming marketplace.”

“According to SeriousDomains.com principal Tasha L. Kidd…,
“Most of the names… have built-in mindshare to likely customers
of Linux providers… insiders are beginning to recognize… that
those who dominate mindshare names and phrases are 100 jumps ahead
of the game in bringing traffic to their site… Web consumers are
turning more and more to entering keywords in their browsers…
These keywords and phrases become virtual doorways to websites that
want to dominate.

“This could end up being a watershed event in the Linux
marketplace,” said Kidd, “Because serious Linux contenders who
do not snatch up Linux mindshare names at this critical juncture of
the Linux explosion, will demonstrate to investors that they
either not serious about dominating their
position in the marketplace, or that they don’t understand the
subtle but critical shifts in internet dynamics. Either scenario
should send chills to savvy investors.”

Press release