BW: M&A West, Inc. Joins LinuxMall.com Program

“M&A West…a company that develops, invests in and operates
Internet and technology-related companies announced today that it
has joined the LinuxMall.com Referral Program.”

As a Personal Associate of the program, M&A West, Inc.
gets paid for placing links to the LinuxMall.com home page on its
Web sites.
Each time someone places an order during a visit to
LinuxMall.com after hyper-linking there from an M&A West, Inc.
site, M&A West, Inc.’s Personal Associate/Referral Program
account is credited. Additionally, each time this person places an
order, regardless of whether they go through the M&A West, Inc.
site or directly to LinuxMall.com, that customer’s record is
permanently branded as to who referred them. In the event someone
who already has a referrer assigned to their account clicks on an
M&A West, Inc. button and then buys something at LinuxMall.com,
M&A West, Inc. splits the commission for this sale with the
person who originally referred them.”

Press Release