BW: TheBrain.com Receives Patent on Graphical Interface for Linked Information

“TheBrain.com…, the leading provider of visual information
environments, has been awarded a patent for its innovative
graphical interface, TheBrain.”

“The issued patent covers TheBrain’s dynamic graphical
interface, which visually communicates relationships between
information. TheBrain’s point and click interface allows any piece
of information to be linked and accessed from multiple locations
within the interface – giving users the ability to retrieve and
navigate data by association…”

“‘With the deluge of information experienced today, traditional
hierarchical structures are no longer adequate to serve as the
basis for the way we work with our information. TheBrain overcomes
these limitations by presenting related information from the
perspective of the user’s current focus,’ said Harlan Hugh,
President of TheBrain.com and inventor of TheBrain…”

“TheBrain.com has developed various products that utilize its
patented technology, including PersonalBrain, SiteBrain, and
BrainSDK. PersonalBrain allows individual users to link Web sites,
files, notes, and other information into one personalized
interface. SiteBrain enables more efficient navigation of Web sites
and corporate intranets. BrainSDK allows corporations to visualize
databases and enhance their proprietary applications.”

“In recognition of the innovative and unique nature of TheBrain,
the U.S. Patent Office awarded Patent No. 6,031,537. The patent is
the first issued of several filed by TheBrain.com. Its issuance
creates a significant barrier to entry for companies considering
developing similar technology and solidifies TheBrain.com’s
position as the leading provider of visual information

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