BW: X10.com and Freshmeat.net are Kicking “A–“

“Thousands take advantage of million dollar Firecracker

“X10.com and freshmeat.net knew they had something “different”
when they joined forces last Friday to offer freshmeat’s loyal
members the chance to receive one free firecracker kit and pay only
the administrative and handling charges ($5.90).

“You heard it correctly, we’re giving away one million dollars
worth of product. For the bean counters keeping score at home, that
equals 13,366 units at a retail value of $73.00 each. What exactly
is a firecracker and why should anyone care? The firecracker is a
way to automatically control one light and one appliance using a
combination of your home’s existing A/C wiring and RF signals
together with a wireless remote. If you haven’t figured it out yet,
the firecracker is your “starter” kit for creating 21st century
“Wired Homes.”

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