Canonical Is Now a Patron of KDE, as Part of the Corporate Membership Program

KDE e.V. is the non-profit organization that represents the KDE Community and produces the modern and widely-used KDE Plasma desktop environment, along with the KDE Applications and KDE Frameworks suits of KDE software and libraries. KDE is known to have worked with Canonical’s Ubuntu for many years, and they’re happy that Canonical decided to extend this collaboration and join the KDE Patrons family, as part of the corporate membership program. We didn’t doubt for a second that the latest KDE technologies won’t be available in the Ubuntu and Kubuntu GNU/Linux distributions, but on this occasion, Canonical promises just that. They will continue to work with the KDE development team more closely and making sure that all the KDE applications and frameworks will be easily accessible in Ubuntu Linux, and other OSes, via the company’s brand new Snap universal binary packages.