Canonical Releases Snapd 2.23 Snappy Daemon with GalliumOS and Linux Mint 18.1 Support

Snapd 2.23 is supposed to be a major release, and we can’t help but notice that there are quite some new features implemented, starting with support for GalliumOS, a fast and lightweight GNU/Linux distribution designed for Chromebooks, as well as the new Linux Mint 18.1 “Serena” operating system, which is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Yes, you’re reading it right, you can now install Snaps in Linux Mint 18.1 and GalliumOS if you have Snapd 2.23 or later installed. Among other new features, we can mention support for “send*,recv*” syscalls on all interfaces, seeding support on classic confinement, shell completion for connect, and a bunch of UI improvements.