Collabora Continues to Improves Support for Chromebooks in Linux Kernel 4.19

Linux kernel 4.19’s development cycle was a long one, with no less than eight RCs (Release Candidates), but it resulted in a more powerful kernel that brings lots of goodies. For Linux kernel 4.19, nine Collabora developers contributed a total of 87 patches, as well as 125 signed-off-by tags, 14 reviewed-by tags, and 8 tested-by tags. While continuing to improve support for Chromebooks, Collabora’s contributions to the Linux 4.19 kernel include cleanups on the ChromeOS Embedded Controller and PWM-powered blacklight devices, support for the 96boards RK3399 Ficus board (ROCK960 Enterprise Edition), and a working Rockchip 2D Raster Graphic Acceleration unit (RGA) driver.