Day 3 in Novell v. SCO; and Some Bankruptcy Filings

“Day 3 of the SCO v Novell trial started with SCO’s Edward
Normand calling William Broderick, SCO’s Director of Software
Licensing. He said he is responsible for all contract licensing. He
was first employed under Unix System Laboratories and continued his
employment under Novell, Santa Cruz, and SCO (with the exception of
a brief period with a different company).

“Mr. Broderick discussed various definitions, software license
types (binary and source), and what software versions were licensed
under his tenure.

“Mr. Normand showed a Unisys Corp. software supplement 202
executed with Unix System Labs in 1991 (pre-Novell). Mr. Broderick
read out the fee of $455,000. Mr. Normand then showed a series of
software licensing order forms with their associated Prior Products
appendixes spanning a wide period of time and executed by Unix
System Labs, Novell and Santa Cruz. Mr. Broderick explained they
look the same because in transition meetings from Novell to Santa
Cruz they were told to only change the name on forms…”