DebEX GNOME Live DVD Released with GNOME 3.22, MATE 1.16, and Linux Kernel 4.8

Borrowing packages from the software repositories of both Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” (Testing) and Debian Sid (Unstable) operating systems, DebEX GNOME Live DVD Build 161007 comes with a lot of goodies for fans of the GNOME 3 and MATE (GNOME 2 fork) desktop environments, as it upgrades them to the latest GNOME 3.22 and MATE 1.16 releases respectively. In more good news, the new DebEX GNOME Live DVD release, which launched officially on the day of October 7, 2016, ships with the recently released Linux 4.8 kernel, which was tweaked and optimized, as well as injected with additional drivers to support more hardware components. Therefore, DebEX GNOME Live DVD Build 161007 uses Arne Exton’s special kernel 4.8.0-21-exton.