Debian-Based DebEX Barebone Live DVD Features Xfce 4.12.1 and Linux Kernel 4.8

DebEX Barebone Live DVD is the third and last edition of the Debian-based DebEX operating system, and it looks like the build, version 161009, is here today, October 9, 2016, pre-installed with all the latest GNU/Linux technologies and open source software projects, including the recently released Linux 4.8 kernel. Built around the lightweight and highly customizable Xfce 4.12.1 desktop environment, DebEX Barebone Live DVD Build 161009 is based on the Debian GNU/Linux 9″Stretch” (Testing) and Debian Sid (Unstable) operating systems, just like the DebEX GNOME Live DVD. Of course, all the included packages are at their latest versions as of October 9.