Debian-Based GParted Live 0.28.1-1 Released with Linux 4.9.6 and GParted 0.28.1

As its name implies, GParted Live is a live ISO image that allows anyone to use the powerful and open-source GParted partition editor without installing anything on their computers. The new release, GParted Live 0.28.1-1, is, of course, based on GParted 0.28.1, and includes updated components based on the Debian Sid repository as of February 18, 2017. Also included is partial read and write support for LUKS encrypted filesystems. Under the hood, GParted Live 0.28.1-1 is powered by the Linux 4.9.6-3 kernel, and includes various patches for the libparted library to fix various FAT file system operations, such as checking of FAT32 crashes and detection of resized FAT32 filesystems within the Microsoft Windows operating system. Of course, it also ships with the latest security patches to keep users safe at all times.