DevX: Get AMPed over Uniform Server and Build a Data-driven Web Site in Nothing Flat

“In the history of the Internet there have been few technology
combinations as compelling as ‘LAMP’ has proved to be–Linux,
Apache, MySQL, and PHP. They are the cornerstone of low cost,
data-driven Web sites. Linux, the open source operating system on
which server class applications can run; Apache, the most popular
Web server in the world; MySQL, an extremely popular open source
database; and PHP, a server-side scripting language used to build
data-driven Web sites.

“To the uninitiated, setting up a Web server, database,
scripting language, and operating system isn’t totally
straightforward and there is a large learning curve to ascend
before productivity can result. It can be particularly difficult
for Microsoft specialists, whose familiarity with Windows and
associated technologies such as IIS, SQL Server, and ASP can get in
the way of learning things the LAMP way. That is, until now…”