Download Linux Kernel 3.10 Release Candidate 1

Linux kernel 3.10 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) brings to many changes to count, including bugfixes, improvements and updated or new drivers. Among some of them, we can mention VFS updates, device-mapper updates, Ceph changes, VFIO updates, and ARM SoC platform updates.

Moreover, the XFS and Btrfs filesystems have been updated, as well as the PowerPC and x86 architectures. This first development release of Linux kernel 3.10 also includes KVM updates and fixes, some audit changes, ARM64 fixes, PCI & LED subsystem updates, and F2FS improvements.

Xen was also updated in Linux kernel 3.10 RC1, the S/390 architecture and the NVMe driver also received some changes, added support for OMAP3 ISP common clock framework, rwsem has been optimized and Hexagon, MIPS, SCSI and ACPICA received various improvements.

eCryptfs and watchdog were improved in this first Release Candidate version of the upcoming Linux kernel 3.10, and the ARM platform received several improvements.