Editor’s Note: Picking Ourselves Up, Dusting Ourselves Off

Hi, everyone.

My name’s Michael Hall. I don’t know if my name will be familiar
to many readers, but I was once the managing editor for Linux Today
and its sister site, Linux Planet. Though I left the editorship
here to work on other sites in Linux Today’s parent company, I’ve
been around and helping out behind the scenes now and then over the
years, less as an editor and more as a backstop when the regular
editor needed a break.

A lot of regular readers in the Linux Today community have
noticed we’ve been through a rough spot in the last few days:
Posting stopped for several days and only began to pick back up
yesterday. In talkbacks on a few articles, some of you noted that
LT’s managing editor, Carla Schroder, is no longer with the site,
but that no comment about the matter was forthcoming from any of us
still involved in keeping it running.

Our friends at LXer provided Carla
with a place to say what she needed to say about her situation.
Personally, all I can say is that I consider her a good friend, and
that I’m sorry she wasn’t given a chance to say goodbye here, among
the community she’s been part of for years.

Besides being concerned about Carla, readers want to know what’s
going to happen to Linux Today.

Right now, I can’t say much more than “we’re still going.” We
have someone working on the site, and we’re trying to figure out
how to best use the resources we’ve got to keep Linux Today
running. We don’t have any plans to shut the site down, and we’re
having a lot of internal conversations about the ways we can dust
ourselves off and move ahead.

At the same time, we’re stretched pretty thin, and we’re more
dependent than ever on your contributions to our
news feed
. Though Linux Today is managed by an editor, its real
power source has always been its community. I looked in on the
reader contribution queue this morning and recognized the names of
people who were sharing links when I was a brand new editor on the
site 10 years ago. I think those people are as important to Linux
Today as any editor, and I hope they’ll stay with us while we work
out how to keep the site going.

I also hope to hear about how we can do better. Linux Today
hasn’t changed much over the years, and right now we’re not in a
position to change much, but I’d like to hear from the community:
We need your help to make sure we’re setting our priorities
correctly. Please feel free to write me directly or use the cc:
field in your talkbacks.

Michael Hall
[email protected]