Eklektix’s September 1999 ‘Linux Training for Professionals’ public class schedule

Dennis Tenney

Two sessions of “Linux System Administration for Unix
Administrators”. By assuming familiarity with the basic material,
this course is able to delve deeply into the issues that are truly
Linux-specific in just two intense days. One session of “Linux
System Administration”. This weeklong hands-on course covers all
aspects of the management of Linux systems, with an emphasis on the
integration of Linux systems into larger, heterogeneous networks.
All classes are taught in Boulder, Colorado USA. Public classes
sizes are limited to twelve students with dedicated workstations
for each student and engineer-instructors who provide real personal
attention. And the professionally written training books serve as
vital reference material long after the course is completed.
Eklektix has been active as a Linux educator since their January
1998 launch of the Linux Weekly News.

Check it out at http://training.eklektix.com.