ElasticHosts delivers autoscaling, usage-billed Linux Containers with cPanel

ElasticHosts’ next-generation Containers now available with latest version of cPanel v11.52

London, UK, 15th December, 2015: Cloud hosting provider, ElasticHosts, today announced that its next generation Linux Containers are the first container solution to integrate with leading web hosting platform, cPanel. ElasticHosts Containers are the first container solution that can integrate with cPanel v11.52. As a result, cPanel users can benefit from pay-as-you-use billing, increased scalability and improved performance.

cPanel is used to streamline the process of creating and managing websites for website owners, resellers, system administrators and web hosts. Prior to the release of v11.52 on 12th October, cPanel could only run on VM servers with VPS licensing. Elastic Containers give cPanel users greater choice and flexibility through their unique autoscaling technology which accommodates varying usage patterns. It also means users can be billed for the exact amount of server capacity used, rather than the amount provisioned, helping to lower costs.

“We are excited that ElasticHosts Containers are the first container product to be offered with cPanel,” said Richard Davies, CEO of ElasticHosts. “We worked closely with cPanel integrating and testing the product to make this a reality and believe our technologies complement each other well. Today’s announcement shows that containers are gaining real momentum in the internet community and we are delighted to offer our ElasticHosts Containers to cPanel’s customers.”

To run cPanel on an ElasticHosts Container, users simply select “Add server (container)” and select the “cPanel 11.52” preinstalled image from the options in the ElasticHosts control panel and can start benefiting immediately. The auto scaling functionality of containers means website owners can seamlessly cope with varying server demands and quickly expand their business by launching multiple sites. Web hosting businesses can also effortlessly scale to serve more customers. The usage-based billing offered by containers also means website owners no longer pay for periods when server capacity is underutilised or the site is idle, typically saving up to 50% on hosting costs.

“Linux containers are an exciting technology and we have recognized the groundswell behind them in the internet community right now,” said Aaron Phillips, Chief Business Officer at cPanel. “ElasticHosts’ autoscaling, usage-billed servers allow our users to further simplify management and reduce the costs of hosting websites.”