Eric S. Raymond: Understand My Job, Please!

“Three days ago (28 Mar 1999) I posted Take My Job, Please!.
Though I didn’t intend that essay as an psychological probe of the
Internet culture, the reaction to it has made an interesting study
in how people refract and interpret communications in the light of
their own agendas, preoccupations, and desires.

“The most interesting revelation to me was the speed with which
many people leapt to the assumption that I have already burnt out,
given up, folded my tent, and stolen off into the night. While I
certainly expressed a desire to have my own life back and stop
taking arrows from the Slashdot kiddies and their spiritual kin, I
also stated rather clearly that I cannot in good conscience retire
without a replacement (or multiple replacements) ready to pick up
my job.”

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