ExTiX 19.8 “The Ultimate Linux System” Ditches Ubuntu & Debian for Deepin Linux

As its name suggests, ExTiX Deepin 19.8 is based on the Deepin Linux operating system, which in turn is built upon the Debian Unstable repositories. More specifically, ExTiX Deepin 19.8 is based on the latest Deepin 15.11 release, which adds numerous enhancements and new features, and it uses the 6th Release Candidate (RC) build of the upcoming Linux 5.3 kernel series. Highlights of the ExTiX Deepin 19.8 release include the ability to choose your favorite language before starting up the Deepin 15.11 desktop, Deepin Installer Reborn as default graphical installer, support for watching Netflix with Google Chrome, pre-installed Spotify and Skype dedicated clients, as well as the ability to run ExTiX directly from RAM so you can eject the bootable medium.