Fedora 25 Gets Another Set of Updated Live ISOs, Now with Linux Kernel 4.10.6

Dubbed as Fedora 25 20170331 Lives, the new ISO snapshots are powered by the Linux 4.10.6 kernel and ship with all the latest security and software updates released on the official repositories of the operating system during the entire month of March 2017, since the release of the Fedora 25 20170228 Lives. This time, they are available as Fedora 25 Workstation (GNOME), Fedora 25 KDE, Fedora 25 Xfce, Fedora 25 LXDE, Fedora 25 MATE/Compiz, Fedora 25 Cinnamon, Fedora 25 SoaS (Sugar on a Stick), Fedora 25 Robotics, and Fedora 25 Security flavors, along with the usual Fedora 25 Source DVD.