Free Software Magazine: Interview with the Ekiga Developers

[ Thanks to steve
for this link. ]

“Ekiga is the most popular, free VoIP software available. When I
asked the Ekiga team for an interview, there was a lot I didn’t
know. For example, I had no idea I’d be interviewing quite so many
people (coordination was quite a challenge!), and–more
importantly–I didn’t know that so much knowledge would have been
uncovered. Every single member had something important to say, and
the result is an interview that becomes a unique insight into
Ekiga, the VoIP world, free software development and team work.

“Julien Puydt, Damien Sandras, Matthias Schneider, Yannick
Defais, Jan Schampera, These guys know telephony. They were born
with a directory in their pockets…”

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