FreeNAS 11.0 Open-Source Storage Operating System to Be Based on FreeBSD 11

It appears that this Release Candidate is also the first public development build of FreeNAS 11.0, as the team thoroughly tested the operating system for the past several months and decided that it’s stable enough to be promoted straight to the RC state. As its version number suggests, development is currently based on the FreeBSD 11-STABLE operating system. The FreeNAS 11.0 Release Candidate (RC) milestone includes numerous changes consisting of 23 new features and 111 bug fixes. Among some of the new features, we can mention support for Samba 4.5.3, an “Alerts UI” tab, a Jenkins plugin, a serial mode option to ISO installs, a MiddlewareD plugin for Consul-Alerts, as well as the ability to show FreeNAS’ version number in main GUI.