Gentoo-Based exGENT Live 2017 Distro Has Xfce 4.12.1 and LXQt 0.11.0, Linux 4.10

exGENT Build 170407 is dubbed exGENT 2017 Xfce4/LXQt Live DVD by Arne Exton, as it uses both Xfce 4.12.1 and LXQt 0.11.0 desktop environments on the same image. Users can choose between Xfce and LXQt from the login screen before using the distribution, which is powered by the Linux 4.10.4 kernel. The biggest new change in exGENT Build 170407 appears to be the implementation of the GRUB2 bootloader, as a replacement for GRUB Legacy. Moreover, the file system is now writable when running exGENT live, which means that you’ll be able to install new packages no matter if you’re using it from a USB stick or a DVD disc.