Git 2.10.2 Distributed Version Control System Released with over 20 Improvements

Among the changes included in Git 2.10.2, we can mention that the documentation was updated to include detailed information about what the “log -3 –reverse” command does, an issue that caused the “git blame” command to bypass the macro and peek into the DEFAULT_ABBREV variable was fixed, and the code that parses the format parameter of the “for-each-ref” command has been optimized a little. There are also small bug fixes and improvements to the “git clone,” “git fetch,” “git worktree,” “git log –graph,” “git commit,” “git checkout,” and “git rebase” commands, as well as to the Travis CI configuration. Additionally, Git 2.10.2 improves the AsciiDoc formatter to properly handle illustrations that contained tabs, and fixes an infinite name resolution loop if a stray symbolic link existed in the $GIT_DIR/refs/ dir.