Git 2.13 Source Code Management System Released with SHA-1 Collision Detection

Git 2.13’s biggest new features include automatic detection of collisions in the SHA-1 hash function that Git uses to identify objects, thus preventing collision-based attacks, implementation of ^ (caret) as a synonym for ! (exclamation point) to allow users to do write the same command but without shell quoting, along with the “attr” token, which lets you select files based on their gitattributes values. Git 2.13 also introduces conditional configuration includes to Git’s configuration system, but for now the only supported condition is matching of the file system path of a repository, makes “–decorate=auto” default option for the “git log” command, and ports git branch’s output routines to the ref-filter system that’s being shared by the “git tag” and “git for-each-ref” commands so you can use “git branch –format=” to get a custom output.