GNOME Control Center 3.22 to Update the Keyboard Settings, Improve Networking

Ported to the libnm 1.2 library, GNOME Control Center 3.22 Beta contains many of the promised goodies, starting with a redesigned Keyboard setting and the ability to fetch the renderer information from the gnome-session, as well as to display the operating system’s build ID, and continuing with many improvements to the Display, Network, Online Accounts, and Mouse settings. Some of the highlights include a new option in the Display setting to enable or disable overscan compensation if the video driver supports it, better detection of the Synaptics driver to the Mouse setting, the addition of a Calendar group to Online Accounts, and real-time refresh of the Wi-Fi list in the Network setting. Another interesting change in Network is the removal of bridge, bond, team, VLAN and virtual devices support.