GNOME Tweak Tool Renamed to GNOME Tweaks, Will Learn New Tweaks for GNOME 3.26

GNOME Tweak Tool 3.25.4 appears to be the last version using the old name, as the tool’s maintainers also renamed the binary to “gnome-tweaks” instead of “gnome-tweak-tool” when you’re using the app from the command-line. However, this change will be in affect this fall when GNOME 3.26 launches on September 13. GNOME Tweaks 3.26 will be a major release as it learned new tweaks, such as a “Battery Percentage” tweak or a “Disable While Typing” tweak, and it adds a great number of improvements and under-the-hood changes. For example, the app was ported to Python 3 and it now uses the Meson build system.