GNU Linux-Libre 5.1 Kernel Officially Released for Those Seeking 100% Freedom

Based on the recently released Linux 5.1 kernel series, the GNU Linux-Libre 5.1 kernel is now available for users who want to run Linux kernel 5.1 on their personal computers but don’t want to deal with any proprietary code. As such, the GNU Linux-Libre 5.1 kernel deblobbs and cleans up several firmware from the upstream Linux 5.1 kernel. The GNU Linux-Libre 5.1 kernel comes with all the cool new features from Linux kernel 5.1 despite the deblobbing of certain drivers. These include faster and scalable asynchronous I/O, support for using persistent memory as RAM, a new cpuidle governor called TEO (Timer Events Oriented), and the ability to boot to a device-mapper device without initramfs.