Google Localizations: Googler

“Whatever the rumors of Google developing, or not developing a
Web browser of its own, I guess it’s almost here, and should show
up in the next major version of Google Earth. All it needs now is a
layer of VisualRoute-style hosts map, and some UI cleanup. Hiding
options are needed for Googler’s bottom tools, instruments, and
command/ticker line which might constitute more convenient
dashboard now. Extensive joystick support (instead of a mouse)
might be needed, too, for a really good browsing flights. The whole
new set of icons for destination servers/routers should be put up
as sort of traffic signs.

“Mosaic/Netscape-style navigation mode could be turned on by the
click on the destination server icon, when Googler would use
MSIE/Mozilla/Opera as a helper app/plugin. As a first step to
overcome Microsoft’s deadly grip on the browsers’ market, I’d
personally exclude MSIE as a compatible plugin though. Next step
would be naturally the development of a GoogleOS: to do that Google
could buy Mandriva (Lycoris/Bitstream’s btX2 included), and this
would be much cheaper and more productive than, say, a purchase of

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