GParted 1.2 Open-Source Partition Editor Released with exFAT Support

Coming a year after the previous release, GParted 1.2 is here as the first release of the popular and very handy partition editor utility to implement support for partitioning disks formatted with the exFAT file system developed by Microsoft. exFAT support is handled by using the exfatprogs command-line utility, which needs to be installed in your GNU/Linux system. Among other changes, the GParted 1.2 release sets the default alignment to cylinder for the Amiga partition table, waits for udev changes on /dev/DISK before erasing signatures, no longer tries to mask the non-existent systemd xe2x97x8f.service, and improves support for the FAT file system family by updating the dosfstools package to version 3.0.18.