Graphics Muse: Linux and the Midnight Quarterback

“I was watching the Emmy’s the other night. I find it
interesting to watch how they pass out awards in categories for
which the average person is incapable of comprehending the value:
“For outstanding achievement in a non technical directorial
assistanceship to the production companies bathroom lighting
design…” As a computer nerd I can only wonder how one gets
nominated for the award. Not to mention how they manage to find at
least 5 possible nominees. Just how many directorial assistants
does it take to design bathroom lighting?”

“So, as I watched the awards (for which David Hyde Pierce is
sure to be nominated for an Emmy next year), I thought to myself
how it might be to apply the trappings of some other industry to
the one for which I’ve lived and loved (ok, lived) for so long. How
would it be, for example, to watch the Linux world unfold on Monday
Night Football?”

Gates has had a rough time tonight. His interior line
hasn’t been able to keep Torvalds from blitzing all night. Ok, he’s
under center now…takes the snap and drops back…he’s got Michael
Dell open down the sideline…but OOOHHH what a hit! Larry Augustin
just blew through Dell. The bespeckled receiver just never saw him

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